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Group assignment is based on skill and experience. If you have never ridden on track before, you will be required to register for the novice group.


Despite the name, this group is NOT for “novice motorcycle riders.” It is intended for riders who are very comfortable operating a motorcycle, but are new to the track environment. It is structured and includes classroom sessions covering the information that is unique to riding on a closed circuit. Most novice riders have substantial street experience, and many are quite skilled on the road, but will discover that many of their “street skills” aren't applicable at the track. Although the initial riding sessions are lead/follow format, this doesn't mean they are slow. Instructors will set the pace based on riders' performance, and increase it as skills develop. By the end of the day every participant will be riding as fast as they want to, and if they follow the program, probably faster than they thought they could.


This group is for riders who are looking for less structure (there is no classroom) but still prefer a “little extra room” on the track. Developing high performance riding skills takes time and practice. Honing those skills requires an environment which allows for the time and space to correct small errors as we work towards more perfect control and consistency. Instructors circulate through the group and can provide feedback to those who request and/or require it. Passing rules are more strict than the Advanced Group, but still quite lenient.


This group is for skilled track riders who are comfortable with high speeds and close passes. Most importantly, riders in this group are able to do these things safely. Although aggressive race passes are not allowed, this group is moving fast, without extra room to spare. Speed/lap time is not the determining factor here, rather it is consistency and predictability that qualifies a rider for the Advanced Group.


The name says it all. Upon successful completion, riders in this group will have been exposed to simulated race conditions including multiple practice starts and a mock “race.” The classroom portion is an overview of rules, regulations, and requirements to participate in competition, as well as an outline of how your race day will run. The certificate of completion from this school qualifies riders to apply for a Provisional Novice Race License with WERA and other organizations.