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Motorcycle Requirements

All machines must pass technical inspection prior to being permitted on the track. It is the sole responsibility of the rider to insure their machine meets these requirements. If a machine fails tech inspection, it may be presented for re-inspection at any time. Any machine that crashes or suffers a mechanical failure must be re-inspected prior to resuming on-track operation. No refunds will be made for machinery which fails to pass tech inspection.

All machinery must be prepared in a workmanlike manner. All parts must be fastened securely and adjusted correctly.

All fuel, coolant, hydraulic, and lubrication systems must be fluid tight.

Tires must be in good condition, without signs of excessive wear. Tire valves must have caps. Wheel weights must be taped.

Brakes must be in good working order with a minimum of 1.5mm of pad remaining. Discs must not be excessively worn or loose.

All machines must have a functioning, well marked engine cut-off switch on the handlebar near the right hand grip.

Throttles must operate smoothly and be self-closing.

Any glass or plastic lenses must be taped completely, lights cannot be visible through the tape. Mirrors and turn indicators are permitted in the NOVICE GROUP ONLY, all others must be removed.

Center stands are permitted in the NOVICE GROUP ONLY, all others must be removed.

License plates must be removed or taped securely.

ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE GROUP machines must use a non-ethylene glycol coolant. Water with or without water wetter, or propylene glycol solutions such as Evans, Engine Ice, Liquid Performance, or 7th gear, are permitted.

ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE GROUP machines must have oil drain plugs, oil filler caps, and oil filters secured. We recommend safety wire, but will accept application of RTV silicone to the fitting.

Oil filters incorporating a spot welded nut (K&N, Hiflo, Vortex) are NOT permitted on ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE GROUP machines.

It is recommended that any filler/drain for any fluid system be secured (safety wire preferred). Fluid leaks on the track shorten everyone’s day.