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Policy, Procedure & Schedule

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for each participant to have the most fun imaginable while wearing leather. To facilitate this, it is very important that all participants read and understand the liability waiver, technical requirements, policies, procedures, and schedule for the event.

Each rider will be assigned to one of three groups (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) based on their experience and skill level. Please read the “Group Assignments” document for a detailed description of each group. Riders may register in a group below their ranking, but must operate under the regulations for the group in which they are riding. Riders wishing to have their ranking moved to a higher group must make that request with staff. A review will be conducted and may include an on track evaluation. Participants may only ride in the group for which they are registered. Please note that the Novice group is NOT for “novice motorcycle riders”, rather it is designed to help competent riders with their initial experience on a closed circuit and includes classroom instruction. If you have no prior track experience, you will be required to ride in the novice group. Advanced riders on low horsepower machines may be assigned to the Intermediate group to prevent unmanageable closure rates. If you are unable to register in the group you feel best suits your skills and experience, please feel free to contact us, preferably prior to the event. Please do NOT register in the Novice group unless you intend to ride there, doing this will not save a spot for you in Intermediate or Advanced, and could block another rider from participating in the Novice group.

Which group a participant rides in is the decision of the event director.

Preregistration is highly recommended as the number of riders in each group is strictly limited. On site registration will be accepted if space is available, and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

All participants must check in with registration at the facility. Preregistered participants will need a photo ID. Persons wishing to register on site will also require a method of payment. At registration, riders will receive a sticker that must be attached to a visible area on the front of their machine.

Once registered, machines (with sticker attached) must be brought to the tech area. Staff will go over the motorcycle to help look for any issues that might adversely effect safety, and check for compliance with regulations. Although tech inspectors will make every effort to identify potential problems, passing tech does NOT guarantee the machine is suitable, or correctly prepared, for the days activities. Machines registered for consecutive days need only be inspected once unless otherwise stated in the “motorcycle requirements” document.

On site registration and tech inspection will be open from 07:00 to 08:00 and resume after the rider's meeting.

A rider's meeting will be held at 08:00. Attendance is required for all participants.

Time on track will begin at 09:00 using the following rotation:

  • Top of the hour; Intermediate group on track and Novice group in classroom.
  • 20 minutes past the hour; Advanced group on track.
  • 40 minutes past the hour; Novice group on track.
  • This rotation will be repeated for the remainder of the event day with a 1 hour lunch break (no group on track) beginning at 12:00.

On track activities will end at 17:00 (5 pm).

Changes to the day's schedule will be posted at registration, and/or covered at the rider's meeting, and/or relayed via the facility public address system.

Groups will run rain or shine.

Participants are responsible for insuring their machine and rider gear meet requirements. See the “motorcycle requirements” and “ rider gear requirements” documents. If you have any question, or need clarification, please ask. Riders with machines and/or gear that do not meet these requirements will NOT be allowed on track and will not be eligible for a refund.

It is the sole responsibility of participants to determine if it is safe to operate their machine on the track. The fact that the event is being held does not suggest or imply any suitability of the facility or conditions for any use or purpose. Participants agree that some situations might occur that will prevent operation of the event for the full advertised schedule. If the event director determines that operations will be suspended for safety reasons, every effort will be made to correct the situation as rapidly as possible prior to resuming. The occurrence of safety delays does not qualify participants for a refund or credit.

If the event is canceled in it's entirety, participants will be eligible for full credit. If the event is canceled during normal operation, participants may be eligible for a pro-rated credit at the event director's discretion. Please see the “Terms of Service” document on the FasttraxMP website for details.